Statement Alexander Donskoi- artist

I WAS BORN IN ONE OF THE UNIC, MISTICAL, ENIGMATICAL PLACE ON THE EARTH- IT’S Called Far East of Russia. Very long time ago it was very powerful, strong kingdom called Balhae.

The earliest extant recorded mention of Balhae comes from the Old Book of Tang, which was compiled between 941 to 945.The 13th century census of Northern China by the Mongols distinguished Balhae from other ethnic groups such as Goryeo, Khitan and Jurchen. Most descendants of Balhae are today in China.

Siberia and the Russian Far East are home to some of the most profoundly beautiful wilderness areas left on earth. Russia’s diverse landscapes support incredible biodiversity, including one-fifth of the world’s forests, and endangered species such as the Amur leopard, Siberian tiger, and Western Pacific Gray Whale. Lake Baikal alone holds 20 percent of the world’s unfrozen fresh water, and it is the oldest and deepest lake in the world. Japan Sea with their magical flying islands. All of this quickly woke up my imagination as early as four years old and gave me the strongest impulse to create art.

Than began a long process of my education, self-acknowledgment, experiments with different Medias, self-realisations and study from the greatest masters of the fine art.

By the time I reach my twenty’s the creation and studies of art completely swallow me, I was in state of craziness, my life become a destiny to the creation and study fine art. For the next ten years I been working for 18-20 hours a day, traveling, visiting the world’s greatest museums and gallery’s! At the same time constantly studied ancient history of the art, philosophy and religions, cultures of the ancient civilizations.

In 1991 I moved to Canada, where I continue working on my drawing and paintings, studied and become fascinating by Early Netherlandish/Flemish artist, as well as the greatest surrealist artists. During past 20 years I had many solo and group shows. I had several publications and interviews with a TV programs, as well as my art work was sold to several private collections around the globe.

The most significant for me, past project I had ,was the international exhibition in Otaru, Japan “Salvador Dali and Fantastic Realism”1998, where I had the honor represented Canada with my surrealistic drawings and paintings “The flying islands”, along with artists like Max Ernest, Marc Chagall, Ernest Fuchs, Salvador Dali and G.R Geiger. It’s allowed me to be recognized in high-end artistic word, sharing and demonstrated my goals and endless ideas!

As I become more mature and experienced I realised that is to be a Master of the Fine art, not enough only to create art, but become The Art Advocate.

For many years I been a promoter of the Neo-Renaissance, but you have to understand that is Not my artistic style, that is The Call To The All Artists for the restoration, renovation, re-born of the fine art creations!

Unfortunately the human nature is consisting more destroying symptoms than to creating and building The Divine Art for the present and future generations!

Enough the wars, enough the destroying each other! It’s time to build and create the beautiful art, so the next generation will not be a shamed of what we did in a past and will continues live prosper, peaceful life in harmony with each other!

With a deep understanding and appreciation of the past and good prosper foundation for the present and future!